HTML Embed Tag Examples To Add Audio Video & Multimedia Files – Part 7

html embed tag

Adding audio, video, ppts, pdf in html using embed tag- Learn HTML in Hindi For building website more attractive and to add multiple different – different contents like: audio, video, ppts, pdf, google forms in your website, so that you can explain the people more about your website or work. Till now we added images into website and given movement to image with marquee tag. Now we use Embed Tag…

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HTML Marquee Tag With Examples – Learn HTML in Hindi Part 6

html marquee tag example

Marquee Tag in HTML Before going to examples and how we can use html marquee tag, first I would like to tell you what is marquee tag. Marquee tag is an html tag that is used to move to any text or images in website. People are using this tag to develop responsive, movable websites.  You can move text or images from left to right, right to left, top…

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html img tag and use

I hope you enjoyed my previous basic html tutorial, Till now you learnt about html, html basic tags and uses, html heading tags, font tags, link tags. These all are basic tags, if you have a clear idea of these tags then only I suggest you to move forward for html image tag use otherwise first have a look of my previous post. HTML Introduction and Basic HTML tags…

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Tricks To Clear Ibps Exam 2016 by Expert – Khilesh Sahare Success Story

Mr. Khilesh Kumar Sahare – IBPS Cleark Exam Cleared & Got Central Bank Of India Hello Frinds, This is Khilesh Kumar Sahare – 25 Years old, living in Dalli Rajhara near to Durg City in Chhattisgarh State and completed graduation from RITEE, Raipur (Engineering College). Recently cleared IBPS Exam April 2016, I am sharing my success story with you so that you will get experience and fulfil your dream…

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Interview Preparation Tips For Freshers

How to understand company requirement and prepare yourself for interview? Hello friends, If you are fresher and looking for job, you applied for jobs from so many sites and not getting interview calls or If you are getting interview calls but not able to clear Technical, HR – PI Round. Then just read this post, you will surly get the solution, we are going to give you Interview Preparation…

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How To Prepare Resume For Freshers

how to prepare resume

How to prepare resume? Resume preparation is really a difficult task? Right….. Actually for fresher’s it’s really a difficult task to prepare resume. Resume is your first impression in front of recruiter’s, so better resume it means better chances of getting interview calls or shortlisting while recruiter is finalising resumes for interview. What company expect from a fresher? They just want you have basic knowledge and you are able…

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