Hot Google Algorithm Updates You Should Know



Before moving types of Google algorithms, lets first understand what is Google algorithm in the sort. Google algorithm is a set of rules, tools, and techniques used by Google to run search engine effectively. Now the question is why Google keeps updating his algorithms, why not stick to one work process, one algorithm. So the answer is human are using Google to only earn money anyhow or using wrong way to get traffic to the website and increase revenue. Google understood this and each time, Google used to update his process so that visitors will get the right value, right answers of their queries.

Some Top Google algorithm updates:

• Google Hummingbird

• Google Mobile friendly update

• Google Panda Update

• Google Penguin Update

• Google Pigeon Update

• Google Payday Update

• Google Pirate Update

• Google EMD Update

• Google Top Heavy Update

 Google Hummingbird Update:

“Hummingbird” is the name of the new search platform that Google is using from September 2013, the name comes into exit because to be “precise and fast”. Google Hummingbird update is designed to focus more on each word in a query, here the whole sentence is taken into account not only a single word. The goal of Hummingbird, the pages matching the meaning do better than pages matching just a few words. Conversational search is one the biggest example for Google gave. Google Hummingbird update is easy and useful to find the conversations. Hummingbird focuses more on the meaning behind the words. Hummingbird is aimed at understanding the concepts and relationships between the keywords by making the interaction more humanely. It is designed to apply the meaning technology to pages across the web, in addition to knowledge graph facts brings better results.

 Google Mobile friendly update:

It is released on April 21, 2015, by Google. It is a significant new mobile friendly ranking algorithm. It is designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages on Google mobile search results. Google Mobile-Friendly update will affect the search ranking on mobile devices, search results in all languages globally and individual pages, not the entire website. It will not affect your desktop site. It will affect mobile sites which are not friendly before. The change is significant on that date, so it is called as a mobile add-on, but it is also referred as mobilepocalyse, mopocalypse or mobocalyse. You can test your web page is mobile friendly or not by using Mobile-Friendly Test tool. It also introduced AMP, which helps the site to load faster on mobile. Google’s Webmaster tool provides a feature that highlights the full section of mobile usability errors on your site. It is helpful in improving the mobile friendliness of your page. If you still want to make your site mobile friendly then it is good to check Mobile-Friendly Test and the Webmaster Mobile Guide both will provide a guideline to improve your mobile site.

 Google Panda Update:

It was introduced in February 2011 and it is a search filter. Google panda is used to stop site which has poor quality content from working their way into Google‘s top search results. Panda is updated from time to time. When this update happens, sites previous hit will escape, in case if they have made right changes. Panda may also catch sites that escaped before. A refresh means false positives will be released. Google panda creates a ratio with sites inbound links and reference queries or searches queries for the site’s brand. the ratio is used for sitewide modification factor. The sitewide modification is used to create a modification factor for the page, on a search query. Google panda affects the ranking of the entire site or specific section rather than an individual page on the site.


 Google Penguin Update:

Google launched the Penguin update in April 2012 to have a better catch sites that are considered to be spamming its search engine results, specifically buying links or obtaining them through link networks is basically designed to boost Google ranking. It started editing the content with highest bounce rate. By adding a spell checker to write the review page and setting up a higher minimum amount of texts for reviews. Providing suggestion after completion of blog posts to reduce the bounce rate. To create more comfort for the user started a mobile website to reduce the bounce rate and to increase visitor through mobile for the site. When a new Penguin Update is released, sites that have taken actions in removing bad links can be done through the Google disavow links tool or even by removing spam also you can regain ranking. New sites which are not caught earlier can be trapped by Penguin. False positives which are caught by mistake may escape.

 Google Pigeon Update:

It was launched to provide U.S. English results on July 24, 2014; pigeon update is more useful relevant and accurate. These local results are more closely tied to traditional web search ranking signals. Google said that this new algorithm will improve their distance and local ranking parameters. The searcher will know concentrate more on business which is closest to them are the first to show on the searches. To boost your business focus more on social media presence, it is recommended to have an up to date Goole plus page it help you in showing your page or posts on the search engine when the content is good.  Create useful and relevant information to the users. There are many online keyword density calculators so make sure not to use too many keywords. The keyword density varies from one content to content. In the case of internal content higher keyword density is good and in the case of external web searches, it is good to use lower keyword density. It is recommended to continuously analyze your results. These updates are designed to help you or to work for honest business. If you keep your SEO up to date then you will be benefited from pigeon update.

 Google Payday Update:

It was launched on June 11, 2013; the Payday Update was a new algorithm which is designed to target at cleaning up traditionally spamming queries on the search results .the spammy queries such as pornographic and other heavily spammed queries.

 Google Pirate Update:

It was released in August 2012, Google pirate update is a filter, is designed to prevent the sites from many copyright violation reports. These reports are filed through Google’s DMCA system, for better ranking in the Google’s listings. The filter will be updated periodically. When this happens sites which are previously impacted may escape. If they have made the right improvements this filter tries to catch new sites that escaped being caught before and it may also release false positives that were caught. The pirate update is designed to penalize sites which are with lower ranking but not directly removing them from the index completely. Pirate can remove the content from their index, if it feels that the law is violated then you can submit an official request using the Removing Content from Google tool.

 Google EMD Update:

The EMD update ids for exact match domain is a filter launched by Google in September 2012 this is designed to avoid poor quality sites from ranking well because of the only reason they had words which match the search terms in their domain names. When Google emd has updated the sites which have improved their content will regain good ranking. The sites which have poor content or which have missed in earlier will be caught by EMD and false positives might get released.

 Google Top Heavy Update:

It was launched in January in 2012 by Google. Google top heavy is designed to avoid a site that is top heavy with ads from ranking well in its listing. Top heavy is updated on periodical bases. When top heavy is updated then the sites which have removed excessive ads will regain its ranking.

I hope in my types of Google algorithm updates tutorial will help you to understand different types of Google algorithms and how you can use these algorithms on your site to increase ranking, also keep update with SEO Trends. If your site gets penalized by Google then comment below, we will try to help you out.