HTML Embed Tag Examples To Add Audio Video & Multimedia Files – Part 7

html embed tag

Adding audio, video, ppts, pdf in html using embed tag- Learn HTML in Hindi

For building website more attractive and to add multiple different – different contents like: audio, video, ppts, pdf, google forms in your website, so that you can explain the people more about your website or work. Till now we added images into website and given movement to image with marquee tag. Now we use Embed Tag to add any kind of multimedia files.

Adding Audio/ Video in HTML

First we write basic structure of html, then for adding audio or video we use embed tag like this:

<embed src=”Location-of-File”>

Here inside the “ ”you need to write the location of audio or video file.  Now you can also set the width and height also, add width and height tag after embed src tag like this:

<embed src=”Location-of-File” width=”500” height=”100”>

I am writing complete code to show video and audio in html:


<head><title>Embed Tag: </title> </head>


<b>Add Video: </b><br>

<embed src=”1.mp4″ width=”500″ height=”300″><br><br>

<b>Add Audio: </b><br>

<embed src=”2.mp3″width=”500″ height=”100″>



See: Output:

HTML Embed Tag - Add Audion & Video Files In HTML

HTML Embed Tag – Add Audion & Video Files In HTML

















Here you have to replace 1.mp4 with your own video stored address and 2.mp3 with your music file stored address.

When you save your file in same folder where you saved html file, so you don’t need to write complete address, If you write direct link then also it will work. I written like this in my above code. You can watch my video also to understand above embed html code in Hindi.

We use audio, video and multimedia files to create more attractable, readable content, So that people will understand your views idea easily. Now you are moving towards learning advance html tags with examples, on my next article I will explain how you can make lists, ordered list and unordered list. If you have any query in this post then feel free to write your query below in comment section.