HTML List Tag- Ordered List & Unordered List, HTML Hindi Tutorial – Part 8

HTML List Tag

Add List Elements in HTML: – HTML List Tag Tutorials

You are learning html setp by step and this is my 8th article on html list tag training. If you are new to html then you can read my remain articles on start learning html step by step.

You have seen in so many website if they show some products or text in list, Some website are showing in numeric order like: 1,2,3,4,5…. etc,this is ordered list some website uses unordered list. Today I am going to explain you how to create ordered list and unordered list using html list tag:

Ordered List:

When we create list first we need to mention whatever it is ordered list or unorderd list, then we add elements inside the list.

For example If I have to write list of cities in ordered list then I will write the code like this:


<head> <title> HTML Lists </title> </head>


<h2 align = center> Ordered List: </h2>

<b>List of top cities of india: </b> <br>


<li> Delhi </li>

<li>Mumabi </li>

<li>Pune </li>

<li>Bangalore </li>

<li>Hyderabad </li>







This is ordered list, if you check the output then you will see the list of cities in numeric ordered:

Check Screenshot For Output:

HTML Ordered List - OL Tag in HTML

HTML Ordered List – OL Tag in HTML












Unorderd List:

Like ordered list we have to specify before creating element that it’s a unordered list using ul tag;

For Example, If I have to create a list of mobiles then I will write code:


<head> <title> HTML Lists </title> </head>


<h2 align = center>UnOrdered List: </h2>

<b>List of mobile phones: </b>


<li> Nokia</li>

<li>Samsung </li>


<li>Lava </li>




If you check the output then you will see the list of mobile phones with dot’s. There is no numbering of items. Like this you can use unorderd list in html.

Check output in below image:

HTML Ordered List - OL Tag in HTML

HTML UnOrdered List – UL Tag in HTML

You can also watch my video tutorials for more details about html list items in Hindi:

Use of HTML List items gives a better representation to your text, numbers or any thing. So that people will understand what you have written easily, Writing article or paragraph on point or number or any mark will help reader to understand your text easily. I hope now you are able to create list, now next you will learn about html table tag use and customise table tag for attractive representation of data like: text, audio, video, image or any thing. Keep reading my blog by subscribing below subscription form, Just enter your email id.