Online Shopping Websites Create – Step by Step Guide

Online Shopping Websites

Online Shopping Website:

Website is a place where you can upload helpyour product or service details, which help your customer to understand what you do or your business is what about. If your business is fulfilling your customer need or requirement then they will reach you via: call, email or contact form. First of all Its very important to have a website, Its help you to reach into all online customers. Still most of all the people have question mark how to make own eCommerce website to many people, now also many people want to start there own website but they don’t have money or they don’t have resources to start online shopping website and they are searching in google for how to create a website free of cost. In this page I am going to explain how to create online shopping websites step by step with video tutorials.

Online Shopping Websites

                                                                   Online Shopping Websites

Generate Idea:

Step 1: Idea Generation And Validation.

Step 2: Prepare a small document about your business.

Build Website:

Step 3: Brainstorm & Choose Business Name, Domain Name, Hosting Plan.

Step 4: Create blogger website & customize with Google blog.

Step 5: Create WordPress website & customize with WordPress blog.

Step 6: Use website tools and software for better responsive website.

Step 7: Prepare your keywords – Sort & Long Tail.

Step 8: Prepare SEO Strategy – On Page Optimisation.

Step 9: Start writing content into your website.

Step 10: Do Off Page Optimization.

Step 11: Develop Local SEO for your website.

Step 12: Use SEO tools & tricks to increase website ranking.

Step 13: Use Tools to track website activity & build report to understand customers.

Build Marketing Strategy:

Step 14: Build Marketing Strategy For Social Media Marketing.

Step 15: Generate leads through email subscribe and contact form.

Step 16: Create Info graphics, Videos, PPT and share on all available platforms.

Step 17: Use Inbound & Outbound Marketing.

Step 18: Maintain customer relationship & Online reputation.

Step 19: Use Digital Marketing, PPC Technique to sell your product or services.

Step 20: Earn money through Affiliate Marketing, Adsense and other earning sites.

Now you are done with ecommerce website or your own online shopping website, Your store is ready for reaching global market customers. If you have any doubt or you want any help from our side to build your store then let us know. We have a team of expert how help you from idea generation, building online store, marketing strategy, and selling your product and services through free and paid marketing strategy.

Free Domain & Hosting

Free Domain & Hosting

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how to make blog

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website creator free

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