Increase Traffic in Facebook Without Spamming Your Link

Facebook For Increasing Traffic Of Site & Blogs Without Banned Account Or Without Making Spam Your Link

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You all know that, for increasing traffic of website or blog we first prefer sharing our links to social networking sites. By the help of social networking sites you get immediate traffic and its a easy way to market your website or blog. But I think from January 2014 you see, When user will come from Facebook site link and click on your Google ad then you get very less amount, and Facebook is competitor of Google. And google also mark spam to your website links. These things are happening due to Google new algorithm Panda. So Google always hate visitors who came from Facebook links. Now I am gonna tell you how to work on Facebook so that Google will not banned your account, and not mark spam your link.

How to effectively work on Facebook in 2014 : 
So today work on Facebook is difficult, due to change of Google algorithm & high Facebook users. Now before going to solution first know the problem so that you can understand the solution very easy.
Problem In Facebook:
These day facebook is widely used for connecting people. And some people are using this in wrong way also, like: for sharing wrong information, and providing bed impact to users.
Step 1: First create your account in yahoo, hotmail, live etc. except gmail. Why not in gmail, So answer of the question I already discuss with you on above, Google is competitor of Facebook, that’s why Google hate facebook links, So always pramot your website links with other email account, except gmail account.
Step 2: Now after creating facebook account check all details you filled in profile details, and contact numbers. Then for promoting your website you create page after 4-5 days, when you have at least 25+  friends in Facebook account. So after crating account, every day add 5-10 members in one day, Not more then 15 in a day. and start posting with some unique articles, like: hello friends, good morning, or how are you, or what’s going on. You just have to engage your Facebook members to your posts. and talk in Facebook messenger, so users will regularly visit your account. Everyday send request in 4 – 8 Groups, according to your website type. Do this regularly for 4-5 days. And if you add 10 members in a day then you have 40 – 50 friends & 20 – 30 Facebook group.
Step 3: Now create your website Facebook page, then send like invitation to all your friends. And post message to added groups, like: “please like my facebook page link for get my latest updates in your Facebook wall”. 
Step 4: Post every day 5 – 10 links with description of your website in your Facebook page & Groups. and with this post some unique content also without your website link, So Facebook thinks you are using fb account not only for promoting your website as well as helping others & connecting with people.
If you do this regularly then, Its my guarantee friends, Facebook will not banned your account as well as website link. With the help of this you can increase you website SEO in 2014 also.

Some users see the message like”this link is spammed by facebook”, so for avoiding this problem you follow above method. 
I hope you got the answer of “how to increase traffic with facebook in 2017 & 2017 Facebook SMO Marketing“this question also.