Social Media Marketing Tricks For Good SEO

How To Increase SEO Through Social Media Marketing

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Before going to work on social media marketing, you should know about SMM (Social Media Marketing), And how it works. How with the help of this you can increase the SEO of your website or blog. 

What is Social Media Marketing:  
Social media marketing is like a way of marketing anything, products or a way of sending data to internet users. Here seller or owner can share his company or product details easily to any users of any country. Here no restriction of sharing data on any user, you just have to make a connection with the user.

How To Do Social Media Marketing:
For use of social media marketing, first you have to see which kind of website or blog you are having, and then check or think according to your website which social networking site, you will get maximum users except Facebook, why not Facebook I tell you on my next post. After that first create an account in hotmail or yahoo, why not in gmail I will tell you.
Because if you create an account in gmail and after that you use that account on the Facebook social networking site, then google may be banned or close your account, but if you create account in another email site, then Google will not rapidly track your account.

Now for creating profiles on social networking site, which site I will create first, this is also one of the questions. And the solution of this question is:

First, create your account in google+ and create pages, and link that page to your website or blog. And always share your website or blog links to google+ profile and pages.
Now I think you are thinking “why I am giving first priority for creating accounts in google+” then answer would be:
You all know google release his new algorithm “Panda 4.0” So, according to this algorithm (I am taking only about google+ preference) google first index on google products like: YouTube, google+, google blogger, google webmaster connected sites, google forums, google drives. Then going to check other search engines sites and at least it checks to Facebook social media marketing sites, and other low keywords site. But you see the now days Facebook link will show on the first page. Because you are posting or sharing your links to Facebook regularly. And Google takes it as a wrong method.  

Now after google+ account you create account in top 10 social networking sites:
1. Google+.
2. Pinterest.
3. Twitter.
4. Linkedin.
5. MySpace.
6. Facebook.
7. FriendStar.
8. Bebo.
9. Flicker.
10. Tumblr

Now learn how to work on social networking sites for increasing traffic of your site, read in my next post.

I hope you got the answers of so many questions like: how to do social media marketing easily, how to increase traffic through social media marketing, social media marketing strategy, how to do social media marketing easily.
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