Amazon Marketplace - Increased 200% Sales in 2 Month

Amazon Case Study

Our client is an online store who sells their products on the website as well as multiple marketplaces. Client generates its 40% of sales from Amazon Marketing Services by selling varieties of products like Air Fresheners, Daily use products, Automotive accessories, and etcetera. Client mission is to bring great value, service & quality to shopping online. Kept client name hidden, to know more about client please contact us.



Here are a few challenges faced by the client:

  • Wrong listing leading them towards a decrease in product visibility
  • Skipped keywords and generic content decreases product ranking on Amazon
  • Increase in Chargebacks due to improper catalog management
  • Not able to get Buy Box due to unaware of pricing strategy, which leads them towards the loss of sale
  • Higher advertisement cost leading them to increase in ACoS - 54.14%


With the help of our marketplace experience, we helped them to optimize inventory, manage catalog and paid campaign by showing significant growth in sales.

We work on content optimization, integrated inventory management tool, used premium tools to manage pricing and campaigns. With our dedicated team, we helped them to increase sales in a short span of time.

The Result of Our Work

We were able to decrease the advertisement cost and increase the sales.

  • Previously ad spend was $17,158.90, Sales $1956 and ACoS was 54.14%.

Worked 2 month on optimizing account:

  • Decreased ad spending to 15,178.10, Sales $6044 and achieved ACoS 8.89%.
200% Sales Increased
70% Amazon Traffic Increased
45% ACoS Decreased

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