SEO Case Study for Lead Generation- 7x Traffic Growth

BHI SEO Case Study
Bamboo House India a social enterprise working towards reducing pollution and encouraging people to buy house made of bamboo.

Hyderabad based startup wanted to make environment safe and friendly through usage of bamboo products and recycle plastic waste. They sell house made of bamboo, bamboo furniture, plastic waste recycled chairs and other daily use accessories.




Bamboo house India is having a unique product but awareness of this unique services was not in the market because of that they were unable to reach target customers and hence no lead was generated through the website. They wanted to reach out to people who are looking for an eco-friendly house, low-cost house, and other keywords to drive maximum traffic as well as generate leads. 



Amison team helped the bamboo house to grow their traffic 7x higher than what they were having, within 2 months.  We started our analysis from understanding more about their industry, customer interest, looked previous Google analytics data, and done competitor analysis. Our team found a lot of new and existing relevant keywords that will drive targeted traffic to the website. We also found website navigation is not easy for the customer to move from one page to other so did changes. Made it more customer friendly & done on-page optimization to make it more SEO friendly as well. Then started ranking new keywords as well as improved existing keywords position. Very soon we reached success and able to generate qualified leads for the bamboo house. 

The Result of Our Work

Our digital marketing service helped them to not only increase traffic and leads but also helped them to showcase more clearly to the customer about there services and how its helping community.

  • Improved website layout - SEO friendly & Engaging
  • Decrease bounce rate by 40%
  • Increase customer engagement from 9 page to 15
  • Integrated email automation for auto follow-up
4-5 Leads/Day
700% Traffic Increased
7 Min Avg. Session

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